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Virtual Class of 2020

District 206 Bloom Township high school students are living differently now that E learning is becoming a new way of life. These students are literally learning as the first Virtual Class of 2020.

“My 6:30 am wake up alarm has been changed to whenever I roll out of bed” Allison Perez, a Senior at Bloom Trail explains. 

“It’s not only a good feeling but learning at home lets me get what I need done at my own pace then I go on with my day.”

Allison is one of the many of her graduating class that will never forget this historic time while finishing up her last year.

“It’s still not real to me. I’ve been looking forward to graduation and Senior activities for the past 12 years of my life and then all of a sudden its taken away."

Allison goes on expressing her feelings, "It’s truly shocking, I miss my friends and my teachers. Our spring musical was cancelled opening day. Prom and any scheduled senior trips are cancelled so it’s really left us all pretty sad.”

One of her AP environmental teachers, Mr. Stockwell uses daily memes as a way to connect with the students while they are at home.

They not only brighten the mood for the kids but make us parents laugh as well.

Teachers keep in constant contact with the students throughout the day and are very helpful and available for them in these trying times. 

Encouraging emails are sent out to parents as they make themselves readily available for anything they may need. Counselor Michelle Pluhar and her team are really making and effort at reaching out!

Latino and African American Literature teacher Mrs. Mattran had her students write about how they feel about this historical moment. It gives them a great opportunity and feel for expression.

It’s unfortunate that some hands on classes are difficult during the quarantine. Ceramics assignments are sent in via pictures and are left uncompleted.

The Choir department has assigned the kids to send in videos of them singing and focusing on more musical theory assignments.

“Technology does work in our favor but It’s not the same, my Senior year has been taken away” Allison remarks.

“The class of 2020 is still determined to walk across the stage at some point since Graduation has just recently been cancelled. I really do hope they can reschedule the majority of these events that we as Seniors are missing out on.”

Most of her teachers and counselors are aware of this and are trying their best to lift the students up.

This years virtual Spirit Week was a success!

  • Students were asked post positive messages for Motivational Monday. 💯

  • Travel Tuesday is all about taking a virtual trip on Google Earth. 🌎

  • Workout Wednesday How did u move today? 🌼

  • Throwback Thursday Upload an old picture 👶

  • Friday snap a picture of your BT spirit Blue and Gold Gear 🔥

Older kids do understand that drastic times call for drastic measures as we practice social distancing.

Getting to sleep in daily and completing work in the comfort of their own home may be a good thing after all. 

The benefits of social media and online access are extremely helpful. We should be thankful that these tools are available and most importantly the teachers are only a chat away.

Unfortunately things will never get back to normal for the Seniors of this Quarantined Class of 2020.

Hopefully they will plan everything that the kids missed out on at a later date. This is truly unforgettable and historical for us all.

Thanks to all the Bloom Trail teachers and staff for their efforts and support!

Congrats to the Class of 2020!

Photo drawn by Senior Kaitlyn Kirian from Ohio

Clay pottery created by Senior Allison Perez, Class of 2020, Bloom Trail District 206

Memes created by Mr. Stockwell Biology Department


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