Tom McCullagh Announces Bid for 49th District State Senate In Illinois.

Updated: Apr 13, 2019

Left: Tom McCullagh and Right Joe Baltz local leader and business onwer as Tom McCullagh adresses Troy Township Republicans.

By: Brandon Harris

South Suburban Gazette

Tom McCullagh 33, of Plainfield has officially announced his candidacy for the 2020 elecation cycle running for the 49 District State Senate Seat in Illinois. With no other anounced Republican candidates at this point Tom McCullagh hopes to face incumbant and local Jennifer Bertino Tarrant (D) who has held the seat since 2012. With many poor choices currently seeping out from Govonor Pritzker (D) as well as Jennifer Bertino Tarrant (D)'s affiliation with Nataly Manley (D) and her newest piolet program removing local Township clerks in a district based piolet, McCullagh may have the upper hand in the race if no other Republicans choose to challange him.

With our election cycle in 2018 leaning mostly Democrat, McCullagh hopes to turn the tides. With his campaign site listing Fiscal Responsibility, Better Government and Lower Taxes he may have a chance at winning in 2020. Incumbent Jennifer Bertino Tarrant has been a carreer politician moving from her position as Will County Superintendent of Schools to Senate in 2012 she has spent now over 12 years as an appointed and or elected official in Will County. With a lot of animosity comming from resident and tax payers regarding the endless new taxes Governor Pritzker and the democratically controled house and senate, we expect to see a lot of build up for candidates like McCullagh.

When asked why he was running McCullagh responded swiftly with

" I love Illinois, I was born here and I have built a business and plan to raise my children here. With the continual increase in taxes, not you or I will be able to stay here as we all know Illinois is 51st in the list of best states for tax payers, offficially meaning we are in the worst shape. I feel it is time we do something to save Illinois before Madigan and his team destroy what is left of our once great state"

With taxes flying out of the wood works from our Democratically controled state this may be the hail mary pass the Republican Party and candidates such as Tom McCullagh will need to win in November of 2020. Only time will truly tell but with current legislation and an already broke state the tides may turn in 2020.

Learn More About Tom McCullagh:

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