• Amena Ljubas

The Upside Down

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

We are not in Hawkins anymore. In the blink in an eye our world has changed. Friday the 13th has lived up to its name since on that historical day President Trump declared a national emergency following fears of spreading the infamous CoVid-19.

Immediately thereafter, a closure for all schools throughout the country was put into place. Not only a week later, Illinois Governor JB Pritzker (D) issued a stay at home order.

As if it were a zombie apocalypse, the masses fled into stores. Shelves were wiped clean. Mass hysteria and panic set in. Toilet paper was thought to be the most essential item one human can possess. Hand sanitizer and soap second, leaving food and water to be last.

This virus has people on edge. The streets are empty but the stores are crowded. Social distancing is not being kept when everyone is scrambling to hoard.

More and more demand has created a shortage of hospital masks and have some people in a frenzy. Somehow, and for some reason, I will never understand how that is President Trump’s fault.

Going to Walmart you will notice parking lots are being used as test sites for health care and first responders. White tents with FEMA aide dressed in Hazmat suits and military presence surround our communities.

Currently children are inside their rooms learning on computers. Adults are working from home. The front lines of our essential businesses risk their lives everyday to keep the country afloat.

We are living in an alternate reality. Reminiscent of the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” we have entered the Upside Down. Rewind back a few weeks the stock market was setting record highs and our economy was booming. Small business was thriving. America has truly become the greatest it has been in a very long time under the Trump Administration.

Trying to secure borders only turned into them shutting us down. Businesses, large and small, who employed millions, are having to close their doors and cease operation completely. Pot dispensaries and abortion clinics are open for business as usual but gathering at churches and restaurants have become restricted.

Having to stay at home has most people mentally distracted. Moving forward to the days ahead may have more of an effect and take a toll on the best of us. No one said this would be easy.

Stimulus packages being brought to the table have been injected by House Democrats with new “Woke Agenda” mandates such as, new emissions standards for aircraft, solar panels, various liberal voting laws, including nationwide “ballot harvesting” and no questions asked provisional Election Day voting. None of which has anything to do with defeating the virus. It absolutely makes no sense whatsoever and is holding up desperately needed help for Americans!

We The People need togetherness now more than ever. Living in this different timeline will change our lives as we know them forever. History is in the making now and hopes for things to return back to normal are ever growing.

Hang in there because at this point we don't know if the best or worst is yet to come.

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