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The Covid-19 Survival Guide


by Brandon Harris

First of all, it is the end of the world as we know it. Yes, this may be limited and not many people will die, but sadly with media and online resources covering this virus, I am 100% sure this could be the end of the world as we have always have grown to known it.

Never before have we seen a virus quickly affect so many people around the world and the global economy. As a father, American, and business owner this has been nerve racking. As a human, I am lost in thoughts of survival and growth. I have decided to write this hand guide because for weeks to come the world will be greatly affected by this pandemic.

I am no survival specialist, but there does not seem to be one reliable place for good information. In this guide, we will show you the best practices for helping you and loved ones survive the coronavirus. Hopefully this will help all of your family and most importantly you stay safe and sane!

Chapter 1

What is the Corona Virus and How Does It Travel?

There are many types of coronaviruses. It is a common virus that is known to infect your nose, sinuses, and or upper throat. The disease can spread much like the cold or flu. Nearly every person on the planet will get some type of form of this infection once in their lifetime. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous, but some are. The current virus Covid-19 has been the worst to date. Starting in Wuhan, China it has now taken itself across the world. As of March 20, 2020, Illinois had 422 cases and 5 deaths. This is nothing compared to the rest of the US and or the world. Though the origin of the virus is not known it is believed to have been started by bats and or the Chinese government of which neither theories have been proven true at this time. The virus seems to be spreading like wildfire and there are many ways it can be transmitted. Below is the list of how that can happen:

Body Fluid - Just like the flu if you cough and saliva and or mucus come out you could infect others almost immediately. Even if you are with loved ones, be sure to cough and sneeze away from them. If you're in public wear a mask. Know if you have the virus this will not help you but if someone coughs or sneezes it will prevent contamination in that way. Shared Drinks - it is estimated that the Covid-19 Virus can live on surfaces for a different amount of time depending on the surface. It is best to ensure not to share drinks, smoking material, or any other object that enters your mouth with anyone you fear is sick, many people don’t know they are sick or show symptoms. Be safe and don’t share anything with anyone that they touch without washing your hands. Touching anything without washing your hands afterward is a bad Idea. It goes without saying sharing anything that was in another person's mouth is a NO NO.

Packages - Though unproven it is best to wipe all boxes from Amazon, FedEx, UPS and others with a Lysol wipe. Covid-19 can live on surfaces we need to take this precaution. This includes the mail that comes with the mailman everyday. Taking it a step further, you need to wash the counter top you placed the mail on with soap and water.

Sexual Intercourse - Again the swapping of body fluids could result in transmission. Kissing and or sexual contact could very easily spread this disease from one person to the next. To be safe avoid sexual contact if at all possible and definitely be sure to avoid with anyone showing symptoms.

Hand Shakes - Simply shaking someone's hand could cause you to contract the Covid-19 virus. Be sure to be polite with others but keep your distance. This will help you reduce the chances of contracting the virus and or spreading it. The rule of Thumb is keeping a 6 foot distance from people.

Surfaces - Use wipes on carts, baskets, etc to ensure any contaminating particles are killed. This will again reduce you likelihood of transmission. Using the above tips and ensuring that you follow each will help greatly reduce your likelihood of contracting Coronavirus. The fact is people of all ages are being affected and your safety is essential. If you maintain these practices and use proper practices you and your family will be thankful. Utilizing these steps will not only keep you and your family but others safe as well!

We also need to think about the warning signs that we have Covid-19. These signs can come in many forms and fashions. We want to be 100% sure you know exactly what you are looking for!

Warning signs that you may have Coronavirus:

Cough - a lot of people have coughs this does not mean panic. You will usually see the other symptoms as well if you have the virus. But to ensure safety either way please use a mask at all times.

Fever - If you have a fever that is not controllable this may be a sign you need to make a call to the CDC and or your local doctor. Fever is a sign we cannot simply bypass. If this is something you are dealing with its best to call a local doctor. Though fever can be a symptom of many other issues it is best to make that contact.

Tiredness - If you begin to feel abnormally tired this can be a sign of the Covid-19 setting in. Do not be overly concerned if this is your only symptom. Covid-19 Should show other symptoms.

as well. Fever and or cough should set in prior to you becoming too worried so paying attention is essential.

Difficulty Breathing - Now this is one that we must pay attention too. If you struggle to breath you may want to contact local medical professionals immediately. This again should also show other symptoms but a lack of breath is huge. Be sure to stay in contact with local health professionals and family.

How Long Does Covid-19 Take To Set In?

Covid-19 can take 1 - 14 days to set in but it can also not show symptoms as well. Each person handles the virus differently. Those with pre existing conditions often feel the virus harder and quicker, but overall this virus can come on quickly and cause a lot of issues leading to hospitalization. We highly suggest contacting your doctor about getting tested if you feel something unusual coming on as quickly as possible.

Chapter 2

Steve Balich, Will County Board Member On Covid-19

The Best way to work with Elected Officials is to listen to and follow the things they are telling us. The President issued guidelines which really told Americans this is no exaggeration. The Governors of Illinois, New York, and California issued stay at home orders. People can go to get food, medicine, and gas but must try to stay home. We are told not to hoard things as there is no shortage of food or toilet paper. Just buy what you need. If you see or experience anything out of the ordinary that seems wrong or dangerous, it is your responsibility to call a local elected official or the police especially if there is a threat to people. I am a Will County Board Member. Today I had people call me to hear what I thought was going on. People Are not believing the news 100%. Yesterday a man called me from a blocked number and told me about a problem he was having at his work. He is going into hospitals to pick up medical waste and has no protective equipment to wear. I called the Health Department to make them aware of what may be a widespread problem. Local officials can be a big help and people should not hesitate to call them, and or the City Hall, County Offices, State Offices, and Federal Offices. Not saying anything is a bad idea. Elected people are there to serve the public. Finding resources is important to help everyone get past these trying times.

The SBA (Small Business Association disaster for more information.) 2020/03/20/small-businesses-sba-providing- disaster-assistance-loans-for-small-businesses- impacted-by-coronavirus-covid-19/ 2020/03/19/sba-disaster-assistance-in-response- to-the-coronavirus/ news.aspx offers-resources-to-address-coronavirus index.html? %2Fcoronavirus%2Findex.html 2020/03/3.4.20-Coronavirus-SOE- Proclamation.pdf

Article explaining who will get two $1200 Checks to help get through this situation

https:// article241373096.html

If you have a question do not hesitate from calling an elected official!

Being safe and following all government requests is so important. Washing your hands is critical because things we touch can hold the virus some for longer than others. Your mail is a good example of something that may have the virus on it. So you simply treat the mail like anything you touch. Wash your hands after you finish opening the mail and then wash the place you opened the mail. Sounds

simple but we need to begin to see everything as a possible contaminant. Washing your hands with soap and water is so important as is washing anything you place on something that was brought in from outside your home. Not putting your hands on your face is a hard to stop habit. Wearing plastic gloves and a mask is uncomfortable, but not close to what could happen if you catch the virus. States are issuing stay at home orders to protect people. Keeping away from the virus is the best way not to get it. When you go out keeping 6 feet away from other people is the standard. We all must realize this inconvenience will come to an end. Things our government is telling us is to keep us safe. As a County Board Member and Community Activist, I believe and tell those I talk to that their safety depends on following all the guidelines. I talk to numerous people on the phone, and see people when I am at the grocery store. Everyone for the most part has some apprehension as to what is happening and what will happen.

I explain they need to follow the guidelines which in Illinois are to stay at home. I understand their feelings because they are the same as mine. We are all worried about the economy being destroyed before our eyes. We are worried about what our life will be like when this is all over. Mostly we are scared of the “Boogeyman” Chinese Coronavirus. Will someone close to me get the disease, or will I. Is this disease going to kill many of the people we know? The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention concurred that “there is no reason to think that any animals including pets in the United States might be a source of infection with this new coronavirus”.

As a County board member I try to comfort people as best I can without lying or misleading. Pretty much unless I am asked something specific, the conversation is more often about the political aspects of the virus than the virus itself. The conversation ends up about the guidelines. They need to understand the importance of following them. We did not vote on guidelines for Coronavirus, but support the President of the United States and our Illinois Governor. They are doing the best they can to protect us based on what they know.

This crisis has gotten out of hand by the media. Blaming the President is absurd. He did not make the virus, or control who gets it. President Trump is doing his best to protect us despite the media, and those from both parties that hate him. It feels like some of the media uses this crisis as another way to stop the election of President Trump to a second term. How sad that instead of providing facts they provide fake blame. No wonder people don’t believe the media. Including funding for Planned Parenthood in the stimulus package to help Americans get through the economic problems that are real has nothing to do with the Chinese Coronavirus.

This is political and should never have been put in the bill. This one of the hold-ups in the process of passing the bill. The following is what is included in the Bill signed by President Trump: Here's what's included in the legislation that President Trump signed:

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