The 21st Century French Revolution and the War on Cops

The events that America is facing these past several months are reminiscent of a bad post-apocalyptic disaster movie.

The modern day “Woke” movement is becoming a combination of the French Revolution, Chinese Cultural Revolution, and the worst nightmares of George Orwell all wrapped into one. The Woke movement seeks retribution for every perceived past sin against far left wing ideology, the destruction of any symbol of that perceived slight, real or imagined, and the “canceling” of individuals their mob has deemed unworthy.

Americans have been shocked as hordes of criminals, claiming to be “peaceful protestors,” smashed windows, looted stores, set arson fires, and attacked police across the country. In true Orwellian fashion, the bourgeois woke academics declared monuments to those they deemed unworthy should be destroyed by the unruly and violent crowd. Statues of confederate generals and politicians were first to be toppled. The decision to remove these statues was not made by a governing body but the masked thugs who pulled the statues down on a whim.

Local politicians entrusted with preserving the rule of law in their jurisdiction, cowardly said nothing, and many, mostly Democrat mayors and governors, ordered local police to stand down. Small business owners, middle class people, who worked to build their businesses from nothing, already on the precipice of bankruptcy from being shut down for months from the Covid crisis, watched as left wing “protestors” looted their stores. No one is safe from the present day Robspierres that now operate without any fear of prosecution.

Once the leftist throngs toppled statues of various historical figures they connected to slavery, colonialism, or a variety of other offenses, they turned on those historical figures that had nothing to do with any of their alleged crimes, such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and known abolitionists.

The latest target, a familiar target for the woke crowd, are the police. They are not just targeting the very few police who exceeded authority and committed crimes using a badge, but of course tarred all police, and are now calling for the elimination of police and coined the initiative “Defund Police.” Now, some of the more politically astute of the woke crowd, and their liberal Democrat politician enablers, knowing how absolutely insane this is and how monumentally unpopular in many areas this will be, are attempting to spin the narrative as this is nothing more than cutting “some” budget resources from police and redirecting to social workers, etc. The New York Times, and other far Left media sites, have published op-eds from many leaders of the “Defund Police” have clearly stated their goal is exactly what their name implies, the elimination of police.

As evidence of this, the woke movement has taken complete control of a six block square area of Seattle’s business district. The new revolutionary leaders declared this area free of the United States, ran the Seattle Police from the station in the zone, built barricades at the border, and began imposing a Marxist martial law segregating access to public facilities by race and threatening area businesses with new street taxes. In addition the streets were patrolled by armed left wing militia who enforced edicts and prevented any video documentation of events. They first named their less than one mile square nation CHAZ, but later CHOP. The very liberal, ever virtue signalling mayor and governor have stood down in enforcing the rule of law in Seattle. First responders were denied access to CHOP by CHOPian border guards and Seattle Police were ordered not to interfere. The results are as you would assume: reports of robberies, rapes, and shootings with a 19 year old dead, and a 20 year old in critical condition.

Social media saw an avalanche of celebrities, non-celebrities who think they are, liberal politicians, and others put out virtue signaling messages trashing the police. It is suddenly cool again to be anti-cop. Many young people, enboldened that the police would not respond, taunted officers at close range, threw bottles and bricks at the police, and even set off fireworks towards law enforcement.

While the rioters were cheered on and encouraged by left wing politicians, celebrities, and spineless corporations, many, hoping their own transgressions against woke dogma would not be exposed, offered money to the movement as tribute, or protection payments, so brazen even Tony Soprano or Mike Corleone would be impressed by it. However, the old adage from the French Revolution rings true yet again, “the revolution always turns on itself.” Some of those oh so woke celebrities are being swept up in the fervor. ABC talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, a loud voice for left wing causes on his show, was discovered to have done a skit in 1999 in blackface, and in 1996, recorded a parody song using the N word. Of course, he issued an obligatory apology but not until he was outed. Kimmel would have much prefered this incident never surfaced.

Any civilized society in human history has been governed by the Rule of Law, not the whims of the violent mob. Communist left wing mobs pulling down statues, looting stores, setting arson fires, threatening anyone who dares to speak against their ideology does not a civilized society make. When the leftist throngs tell you they are canceling American culture and defunding police, believe them, despite what their enablers in the liberal media, politicians, and academics tell you.

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