Scott Presler, Corey Brooks, and 250 conservatives get 6 tons of trash out of Englewood

Conservative activist Scott Presler is a staunch supporter of President Donald Trump and a member of the Log Cabin Republicans. When President Trump famously called out the late Democrat Congressman Elijah Cummings as representing one of the most poverty stricken districts in America in Baltimore, Presler decided to do something about it.

Presler wanted the people of inner city Baltimore, a very Democrat district, that conservatives were positive, policy focused individuals, who walked the walk not just talked the talk. Presler and several hundred conservative volunteers went to Baltimore to help clean up the neighborhoods that populated Cummings district to spread the conservative message. Presler and his volunteers pulled over 8 tons of garbage off the Baltimore streets that weekend. He and his crew have returned to Baltimore several more times cleaning several additional tons of trash in the process and showing Baltimore residents that conservatives can take action to improve their community.

Presler wanted to bring this volunteerism and action to other inner city neighborhoods across the country and grow Republican support in areas that have been a political desert for the GOP.

This week, Scott Presler teamed with the South Suburban Gazette's very own and Vice-Chair of the Illinois Chapter of Freedom Movement USA, Brandon Harris to bring Presler's message to Illinois. Presler and Harris have been throughout the south suburbs rallying residents to the conservative message all week.

On Saturday, Presler and Harris, with an enormous assist from south side pastor, Rev. Corey Brooks, recruited over 250 volunteers to clean up the Englewood neighborhood on Chicago's south side. Using Brooks's church as a base of operations, Presler, Harris, and Brooks, organized several shifts of volunteers who collected over 12,000 pounds (6 tons) of trash from the area.

"On a cold afternoon the weekend before Thanksgiving, over 250 local conservatives gave up precious weekend time with their families to come out and show the people of Englewood that the conservative movement can indeed make a difference in the community." Harris said. "I want to thank Scott Presler for his leadership on this initiative, and Rev. Corey Brooks for opening his doors and allowing to make this special day a reality."

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