PEREZ takes on favored appointed incumbent for Will County Board 1

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PEREZ takes on favored appointed incumbent for Will County Board District 1

Steger, IL - - - Amena “Amy” Perez is a first-generation immigrant from the socialist country of Croatia. Perez is passionate about protecting the freedoms and rights we enjoy here in America knowing the horrific struggles her family fled from in Croatia.

Her opponent, a progressive democrat, supports policy that allows certain liberties to be sacrificed. Perez says, she couldn’t sit back and allow that to happen to the greatest country in the world.

A lifelong resident of Steger, Perez is a single mother of two; she is concerned that our children have access to clean air, water, and a sustainable “local” food source, especially in the COVID world we are living in today. Some of the things she will be focusing on are:

Keeping neighborhoods safe and secure for generations to come

Opposed to more taxes and higher fees

Firm on conservation and preservation for a cleaner and greener tomorrow

“The world as we know it is rapidly changing, we need to keep up with it, preserve our lands and protect our families. I will not sit back and watch it burn down in turmoil. Even if it's on a local level, I will do anything I can to ensure the greatness we all work so hard for here in America.”

Perez is looking forward to hearing from the voters to get a better idea of their needs and concerns. She believes that the people of Will county should come first and strives to keep that promise once elected.

To learn more about Amy’s campaign for County Board, please visit her facebook page link:


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