Now Springfield Democrats want to come for your...Leaf Blowers

The groundhog has told us that Spring is arriving a bit early this year. Start getting preparations ready to clear up the borders on those garden beds. This time you will have to get on your knees and use that garbage can because in Illinois if you want to use that gas powered leaf blower that's been sitting in the garage all winter it's going to cost you.

Under new SB3313 here are 5 things that Democrat Laura Fine believe leaf blowers are capable of:

- Detrimental to human health

- Carry emissions of high rated pollutants

- Contribute to smog and acid rain

- May aide in the cause of hearing loss due to the decibel levels

- Carry animal feces and other particles such as heavy metals and allergies.

We are talking about $500 dollars in fines if you are caught and own one of man's favorite lawn companions. It's not only your best friend after a fresh cut in the summer but a quick fix while clearing up leaves season round!

I don't remember seeing any acid rain lately in these parts. Nor is my hearing affected in any way as I am an avid user of this tool. The sounds and smells of someone blowing grass bring me back to my childhood. I also believe that my allergies will stay the same nevertheless.

As if banning the pumping of your own gas wasn't enough, the Legislation in Illinois has nothing better to do than try and push for "Clean and Green." Perhaps review the EPA regulations for small equipment and tools instead.

As much as going green is good please do not be fooled. This is just another way to control their narrative as a whole. I'm pretty sure banning cars will be next.

Let us use our machines to blow this proposed bill away and out of the gutters for good.

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