NorthPoint project gains support in Joliet

On Friday, March 6th, at 10 am, Brandon Harris, Chairman of Freedom Movement USA, will be holding a press conference at the Will County Courthouse, 14 West Jefferson Street in Joliet to support the proposed NorthPoint development project.

“Though there are concerns, I have looked at the facts and NorthPoint will bring both union jobs, with great pay and benefits our residents sorely need, and tax revenue for our local schools and communities.” Harris said. "Some in our area are opposing this project but, I feel as so many of our area residents do, that the NorthPoint development project will be an economic boon to Will County, creating new business opportunities, jobs, and tax revenue for Joliet and the surrounding communities."

“The Joliet area is a major hub for the transportation of goods across North America, having a large development project such as NorthPoint will provide economic development and growth in the third-largest city in Illinois," Harris continued. "NorthPoint's presence in Joliet will provide continued opportunities for construction and trade workers, scores of related jobs for residents, and tax revenue to every level of local government, including schools."

Harris went on to highlight several opportunities for small businesses, including minority-owned businesses, will be created by NorthPoint.

"I stand for the growth of our great community and increased opportunities for small businesses, especially minority-owned businesses. Local union members will join Harris at the press conference.

In addition to serving as Chairman of Freedom Movement USA, Harris is a life-long resident of the Joliet area, and is a small business owner.

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