Illinois Swamp wants gun owners to carry $1 million insurance policy

House Bill 'HB5170' is being cooked up by Representative Jennifer Gong-Gershowtiz (D) of the 17th district. When people say the 2nd amendment is not under fire they should go ahead and hold this piece of legislation up to them because folks this is clearly another example of an all-out assault on our 2nd amendment.

The Democratic Presidential Candidates alongside the democrat machine have labeled private insurance companies as "The bad guys" in their quest for medicare for all. Yet, they want us to hold an insurance policy from them to exercise our constitutional right to bear arms. Such a head-scratcher!

Here is an exact excerpt from this heinous bills synopsis:

"Provides that an applicant for a Firearm Owner's Identification Card or for renewal of that Card must submit to the Illinois State Police that he or she has proof of liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000 for accidental injuries caused by a firearm. Provides that the Illinois State Police may require annual proof of the person's liability insurance coverage and may suspend a person's Firearm Owner's Identification Card for failure to maintain that coverage or for failure to provide the Illinois State Police with proof of that coverage."

This is a very real issue that is now entered the melting pot! Expect lawsuits from gun rights groups and many legal challenges to any ridiculous bill of this nature. Ladies and gentlemen this is not only where injustice begins but where we are at currently in time.

Do you recall the fingerprint bill to obtain a FOID card that failed in the Illinois Senate back in June of 2019? Well now there are rumblings of it coming back after the Illinois State Police Director has endorsed the idea last week.

This is a warning shot! The battle for protecting our constitution, our way of life, and our 2nd amendment rages on!

By: Preston Olson (@prestonsdayoff)

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