Illinois Democrat's Bill would make self-service gas pumps illegal

The Illinois State Capitol in Springfield

On February 5, 2020, State Representative Camille Lilly (D-Oak Park) introduced HB4571 which would make it illegal for anyone but an employee of the gas station to pump gas anywhere in Illinois beginning January 1, 2021.

Illinois has had self-service gas stations since the OPEC Oil Embargo of 1973, when the Legislature wanted to create cost savings for consumers being hit by skyrocketing fuel costs. The effect of this bill will an additional 25-50 cents per gallon cost to every motorist, with no benefit whatsoever to the public. Gas station owners would be forced to add staff, increasing the burden on small business.

Since achieving a veto proof majority in both chambers of the Illinois Legislature, and a sweep of Constitutional officers, in the 2018 elections, Illinois Democrats have have been in full pursuit of additional revenue to fund their far left, socialist policies, and our cars have been a prime target.

Democrat Governor JB Pritzker and the Legislature since their big win in 2018 have increased the cost of car ownership in Illinois by substantially increasing the following taxes and fees:

- Doubled the state tax on gas

- Increased the plate sticker by 50%

- Tax trade-in value of used cars

- Proposed a "Mileage Tax"

Illinois has seen hundreds of thousands of adults, in their prime earning years, leave because of the overwhelming burden. Governor Pritzker during the campaign promised only "the rich" would pay more, yet every tax increase he proposes costs the middle and working class more.

Read Rep. Lilly's bill here:

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