How technology is changing marketing tactics

How technology is changing marketing tactics

"Technology is changing the way we do business and we have to keep up to stay competitive in the service industry". With the online sales world exploding it is time to get in touch with the 21st century or fail. The marketing of the 60's,70's,80's and 90's is no longer. Now in 2018 its time to take marketing to the next level and go digital.

“From social media, websites, app's and more our world is shifting the way we market.”

Technology is shifting our world from how we book, purchase, and deliver services or goods to our customers.

Now VS. Past

Previous to our big technological shift in the 21st century we were capable of using print, tv, and local media to effectively market our business. That combined with good service and word of mouth allowed us to get to our customers and convert leads.

Now in modern day times our marketing is such a complex thing often we hire firms and just do not even try to DIY it. But if you attempt to rather than using news papers, mailers, and print ads you may want to build a website, use business listings and social media as a way to better develop your business.

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