House Fire in West Joliet Over Night - Eye Whitness News

Fire Started Over Night in Joliet, IL - South Surbaban Gazette Reports

" It sounded like a gun shot, then another followed by a whaling fire alarm"

BY: Brandon Harris

At around 2 AM noises we herd by neighbors ratteling around Glenwood Ave. Kelly Muscalino 29, of 2614 Glenwood Ave stated " It sounded like a gun shot, then another followed by a whaling fire alarm". A fire had lit a blaze at 2610 Glenwood Ave, Joliet Illinois. The fire had been burning for almost 11 minutes before the fire department arrived on Scene. Upon Arrival they swiftly began to clear the street and block the center of both sides of the road.

Our team and neighbors wattched as dozens of EMT, Fire, and Poliece hurried to stop the blaze. At approximatly 3:14 AM the fire had ceased and the magority of the Fire, EMT and Poliece were leaving the scene leaving behind investigators and taping the area off. The local athoritys acted quickly and swiftly. Local officials had no comment when we attempted to reach them for comments. We will release more information as we learn more on the story.

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