Gov. JB Pritzker Signs Law Making Illinois the 11th State To Leagalize Recreational Marijuana

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Gov. JB Pritzker Signs Law Making Illinois the 11th State To Leagalize Recreational Marijuana

By: Greg Simpson, Jr

Governor JB Pritzker made it official today signing recreational marijuana use into law in Illinois. This marks the 11th state to leagalize recreational marijuana in recent years. With 2020 right in front of us, what does this mean for residents of Illinois?

What Doest this mean?

- Anyone who is 21 or above can legally purchase marijuana in incriments of up to one ounce.

- Illinois will have the 1st state wide market place for marijuana.

- An estimated $500 million yearly in new tax revenues

- Prior convictions will eventually be expunged up to 30 grams

- Prior convictions over 30 grams can appeal their case on a case by case basic

- January,1st 2020 lisensed establishments will be able to sell recreational marijuana

With this new law in place Gov, Pritzker spoke today for a bit over 30 minutes adressing questions from the press. When asked about the DWI increase and poliece needs the govonor passed the question onto Sen. Heather Steans who stated " We have been working with poliece and law enforcment for over 2 years on this topic. Its nothing new and we have been planning with their involvment for quite sometime". Stein also made point that 8% of all revenues from recreational marijuana would be spent on local law enforcement to better equip ther team to handle the transitions.

Sen. Heather Steans as well as Rep. Kelly Cassidy, which are both Chicago Democrats who have been advocating legalization for four years. Now today the bill was signed and recreational marijuana users and supporters have their day in Illinois.

Nicolette Kelly, 29 of Joliet Stated to the South Suburban Gazette " It's about time. As a taxpaying citizen I am glad we have been heard. Im glad our government can pass a law locally that actually makes sense".

It seems though opinions are mixed, this is one law a lot of people are glad to see passed in Illinois. We may now look to what the future may hold for residents.

With mixed opinions across the state pleas elet us know your opinion in the comment section below!

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