"Gas Attendant Bill" would drive price of gas even higher

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Imagine in the near distant future pulling up to your local gas station for a fill up. The RFID sensor chip in your car sent the store your identity even before you arrived. Do not think for one second about getting out of that car to pump because here in the great state of Illinois it is 100% illegal to dispense your own gas!

Rewind back to the present…

On February 5, 2020, HB5471 was introduced by Democratic representative Camille Lily of Oak Park. Titled the "Gas Station Attendant Act" calls for strict Orwellian mandate that, by law, only employees of the station are allowed to pump your gas. It sounds like something out of the novel, 1984.

New Jersey and Oregon have already adopted the measure. The supporters of this bill are blind to economic reality and think it will create jobs. Little do they know, if passed, station attendants will be paid $15 dollars an hour and will force the cost of gas to rise indefinitely. It also eliminates more opportunities for future business owners to operate a gas station due to increasing costs.

I took to social media to get input from the masses. So many have been fooled into thinking that it will help people get off the street and create jobs. One claimed it will cut down on sex trafficking and car theft. Some stated that they go across to the Indiana border where gas is at least 30 cents cheaper. The laziness also spoke for itself "I would love to not pump my gas and hate getting out of the car it would be so much easier that way."

Regardless of what the uninformed voters will do or say there is a large amount of buzz about this new gas tax. As if we aren't being taxed enough here. What's next, tax the air we breathe??

I highly doubt that this bill will pass, but much stranger things have happened in Springfield. If the bill does pass, get ready for $10 a gallon and the cheaply made gas pumping robots eliminating all the thousands of jobs created here in the great state of Illinois.

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