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Freedom Movement has done it again. 

The PAC that originated in Joliet led by Chief executive officer Brandon Harris, has been planning rallies since February in support of President Trump and his accomplishments.  

This time they took to the big city in hopes to reopen the state of Illinois.

Hundreds took to the Thompson center downtown to call out Governor Pritzker on reopening the state.

Brandon Harris

Harris welcomes American people to come out and fight for their freedoms as over 2000 people showed up downtown and in the State capitol this Mayday.

The people in Springfield cheered when Rep. Darren Bailey, R-Xenia, who got a Clay County judge to free him from Pritzker’s stay-at-home order, started to speak.

“What Gov. Pritzker did is unconstitutional and that’s what we’re here to challenge,” Bailey said.

Rep. John Cabello of Machesney Park has filed a similar lawsuit in Winnebago County.

Dave Tomek and Ben Bierly

Ben Bierly who is running for Illinois State Senate’s 43rd district, explains that we must fight for our rights and reopen the state. “The farmers have produce that is going to waste and we cannot continue to expect the government to keep feeding us if no one is working! We need to get back to work as our families are suffering!”

US Senate candidate Republican nominee Mark Curran also came out. He told reporters pension debt is $130 to $160 billion every year and the reality is that pensions are done and the train has run out of fuel. “People are worrying about paying the bills, people can’t sleep at night because they know they cannot afford to support their family anymore. We have to have a conversation about getting back to work.”

Mark Curran

He goes on with a message for JB Pritzker and Lori Lightfoot  “I’m sorry my family is not down in a 12 million dollar compound in a county in Florida that is open for business. Mayor Lightfoot, I didn’t come down here today to get a haircut. I don’t know where I would get one! We are the people that are actually hurting!”

A new executive order took effect Friday May 1st that extended the stay-at-home order through May 29. Mandating masks and continuing to keep businesses that people have worked hard for their whole lives closed may be going a bit too far.

“We cannot keep on living like this living in fear” a suburban mother expresses, “Viruses and germs have been around for years and if we are continuing to shield ourselves from it, our immunities aren’t being exposed therefore not making them strong. That surely can turn into a bigger problem. I see parks closed and people inside, they need to be out in the sunshine and fresh air. I have lost everything to this and my kids are missing out on school. It really needs to end! I refuse to wear a mask while driving or outside and will continue to shop in Indiana where that’s not an issue”

Marisela Martinez, a nurse from the North side explains “People who are sick need to stay home but that should not apply to all of us! Older people and folks with compromised immunities should avoid any exposure. I have seen a lot of death but that happens every flu season since working in healthcare for over 25 years. This new virus is very scary and spreads quickly, but as long as we practice good hygiene and healthy habits we can certainly avoid this.” 

She goes on to explain that she has seen first hand many numbers being padded so hospitals and states can get the big money. Many violations and policies are being broken while administrators look the other way. Martinez has been in contact with both OSHA and NNU.

These rallies not only send a clear message but also bring together like minded people who are proud to be Americans who love freedom. Practicing social distancing measures and mask wearing were present on some. Freedom Movement is well aware of things that need to be done safely when around others.

Freedom Movement honors first amendment rights and will continue to raise awareness on how what the Governor is doing is completely unconstitutional. More rallies are planned and FMUSA will continue to fight until this state opens up like the rest of our country. 


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