• Amena Ljubas

FEMA Tent City at Joliet Walmart

Since President Trump’s announcement of the public-private partnership with retail stores, your friendly Joliet Walmart on West Jefferson has now become a FEMA tent city.

First responders and health care providers will be first to use these COVID-19 drive thru testing facilities that were set up almost overnight. It is important for our front line to be cleared before treating patients that may not be infected and have compromised immune systems. It is also crucial to test individuals to cut back on the spread.

A photo ID will be required along with proof of the individual’s health care profession. The designated hours for the testing will be daily starting at 10 a.m. and ending at 4 p.m. Protocol calls for an orderly drive thru scenario in which the patient would drive up and simply remain in the car while the test is being administered. A 70 car maximum per day would be allowed.

It is indeed a troubling site to see and may be unnerving to some. This is one of 2 locations in the whole state that the Federal Government is operating out of. The other site is in Northlake. Walmart will still be up and running along with light military and police presence.

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