Facebook, Instagram and What's app Having Major Before The 4th of July.

Facebook, Instagram and What's app Having Major issues today the day before the 4th of July.

Facebook, Instagram and What's app Having Major issues today the day before the 4th of July. With the holiday here Facebook and other key social media platforms suffered a major hit today with errors running amuck. Do not feel alone if your pictures are not showing up, or if your ads have taken a hit today from the social media giant they are seeing some massive errors.

The first report came in from Dallas, Texas today around 6:30 am CST of a user unable to see his pictures and from there, millions across the world have experienced issues. This comes in as the 3rd major bug to hit Facebook in recent months. In March our team covered the 3-hour bug Facebook had seen.

Facebook stock closed today's market at $197.16 a -0.05% loss for them but if these bugs are not fixed soon it could be a lot worse for the company overall. Users in Europe, the US, South America Japan, and India were particularly affected. Now thousands of reports have come in from a crash to simple buggy issues but overall the social media giant is taking major hits once again.

If you were planning a major ad spend for the 4th of July you are best to wait out the crash. Our team will report back as soon as we know what the outcome and cause of this crash are.

List of Facebook's 8 crashes and issues Since February 2018:

February 2018 - Facebook bug show developers and hackers who you're talking to on messenger. A bug was found and closed, yet Facebook never pubically reported an issue.

March 2018 - Facebook admitted to knowing about massive data theft and does nothing to remedy it.

May 2018 - Millions have a post set to the public from Facebook Bug. As many as 14 million accounts affected. The fix took from May 24th - May 27th.

September 2018 - Facebook bug gave ap developers the ability to post as users and upload photos to users timeline without sharing. Photo API bug gave app developers access to photos of up to 5.6 million users. The bug allowed apps users had approved to pull their timeline photos to also receive their Facebook Stories, Marketplace photos, and most worryingly, photos they’d uploaded to Facebook but never shared. Facebook says the bug ran for 12 days from September 13th to September 25th.

September 2018- Facebook announces hack on its systems exposed the private information of up to 50 million users.

March 2019 - Facebook and many other social sites affected with outage and bugs due to level 3 outage.

June 2019 - A malfunction in Facebook’s Software Development Kit that lets apps add Login With Facebook, sharing, and other features caused apps that integrate it like Timehop to repeatedly crash for about three hours.

July 2019 - Millions now reporting crash today July 3rd, 2019. We have yet to see a release of the source of the issue!









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