Eufaula Alabama Tornado Damage Still In Clean Up Mode almost 30 days later.

By: Brandon Harris

South Suburban Gazette

Eufaula Alabama Still Fixing Tornado Damage

As I had been making my way across the US to get some work done and visit friends and family I was shocked by the site of damage where my mother and step father had just moved for retirment. Only a month ago on March 3rd, 2019 Eufaula was hit by a tornado. The airport, planes and a local fire station were comppletely destroyed. Though the hangars are destroyed and the airfield is littered with mangled aircraf the airport remains opperational.

The tornado also leveled the adjacent fire station. In A statment Eufaula Fire Chief Holmes told the Alabama Political Reporter that there were two firefighters inside when the tornado took down the fire station. The two firemen survived the storm by going in the shower. Nearly a month after the storm I got to whitness the damage first hand and walk through where the tornado had carved its path into the beautiful wooded areas and bright red soil which covers most of Eufaula.

As I walked the scene where the tornado had taken ahold of the small Alabama town I could see that the damage though light compared to other storms had crippled parts of this small town. With pieces of debries still scattered across what once was a fire station, the airport and the near by woods you could tell the work to repair and clean up was still well underway.

In a neighboring Lee County where another tornado struck from the storm out break many perished.

"Holmes said that no one was injured or killed in Eufaula. “Save your thoughts and prayers for the people in Lee County,”

where 23 people died in the small communities of Beauregard and Smiths Station during the same night of storms as the Eufaula tornado damage.

All in all the damage was a site that will remain in my memory for life and we can only hope as spring goes on that others are aware prior to a storm reaching their home. In recent years with increased storm activity it is essential to stay up to day with your weather. There are a ton of great free resources such as The National Weather Service where you can find weather updates.

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