Eric Wallace reacts to Pritzker's "Woke and Broke" State of the State address

Rev. Dr. Eric Wallace, GOP candidate in 40th Senate Dist, on floor of State Capitol before State of the State address

Rev. Dr. Eric Wallace, Republican candidate in the 40th Illinois Senate District, was in attendance at the State Capitol in Springfield to witness first hand Democrat Governor J.B. Pritzker's State of the State address to a joint session of the Illinois General Assembly on Wednesday, January 29th.

Most governors use the State of the State address as a pep rally to promote their agendas and claim credit for accomplishments, real or perceived. This address was no different, as Pritzker claimed legalized marijuana, as well as expansion of gambling, progressive income tax, and billions of dollars in new tax increases of every kind will magically transform Illinois into a land of prosperity.

The new year has not been a good one so far for the leftist governor and his Democrat Party of Illinois. Census reports showed Illinois lost another 56,000 residents in 2019, the state gas tax was doubled, double taxation for trade in value for vehicles implemented, as well as many other tax increases.

This is in addition to the on-going scandal with Speaker Mike Madigan's office, resignation of a Pritzker appointee in the scandal, and yet another Democrat legislator going to Federal prison on corruption charges.

"The Governor was a real spin doctor in his state of the state address. He spoke of Illinois having the largest fall in unemployment but failed to mention that it was because the state’s unemployment was so high. And it’s still higher than our region," said Wallace. "The Governor also spoke about stemming corruption with Michael Madigan standing right behind him. Madigan invented Chicago style politics and the corruption that knits it all together."

Pritzker, who has promised to make Illinois "the progressive beacon of America," detailed several mainstays of the Far Left agenda as goals for his administration, prompting one Republican elected official to remark that "Pritzker wants Illinois woke and broke."

On the remainder of the Governor's speech, Wallace remarked, "the rest was the same old Democratic talking points on minimum wages, climate change and diversity." Wallace continued, "Lastly, with a straight face he talked about protecting our most vulnerable after he signed a bill allowing for abortion in the final trimester and also failing to revamp DCFS. So who are the most vulnerable if it’s not the pre-born or endangered children?"

Rev. Dr. Eric Wallace is an ordained minister, with a PhD in Biblical Studies, and is an accomplished author, and leading conservative voice in the south suburbs. For more information, visit, or the campaign Facebook page, Wallace for Illinois.

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