ENDORSEMENT: O'Connor, Hardek, O'Sullivan in District 230

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

230 United slate Dave O'Connor (L), Patrick O'Sullivan (C), and Mike Hardek (R)

Voters this Tuesday will have a profound choice before them. The base of any strong community is their schools, and the residents of Consolidated High School District 230 have one of Illinois' finest districts to not only give their children a first class education, but a model for fiscal responsibility. The choice for the District 230 Board of Education is clear. Today the South Suburban Gazette proudly endorses DAVE O'CONNOR, MIKE HARDEK, and PATRICK O'SULLIVAN for District 230 Board of Education.

Each gentleman is uniquely qualified for the challenges facing all districts in Illinois in the coming years. Each has the experience in the district committee structure and our community at large to make them in touch with the constituents they serve so well. O'Connor and Hardek will be joining one of the highest performing Boards in Illinois while O'Sullivan will serve his fourth term. Each has earned the endorsement of the District 230 Teachers' Association and District 230 Education Support Professionals' Association. Rick Nogal, current 230 Board President, is the 2019 recipient of the prestigious Burroughs Award for the state's finest Board President.

O'Connor is an Orland Park attorney, Chairman of the Orland Park Police/Fire Commission, and Vice President of the District 230 Foundation which has done outstanding support work for teacher development and student advancement. Hardek, President of the Orland Park Chamber of Commerce, former Rotary President, and D230 Building & Finance Committee member. O'Sullivan has served three terms with service as President and Vice-President.

The current Board, all elected under the 230 United banner that these men are running, have served the taxpayers, students, and staff well and have earned the public's trust. We urge the voters to once again give the 230 United slate the mandate they need to effectively govern free of outside political influence.

This slate is opposed by Jeanne Bailey, perhaps well intentioned, but she has a fatal flaw in our view which seems plain as day to everyone but her and her most ardent supporters. Mrs. Bailey is the spouse of a current District 230 employee. We feel this would put her in an untenable conflict of interest, preventing her from representing the voters on a host of issues before the District 230 Board. Mrs. Bailey also lacks the community involvement and experience to rival her opponents.

We agree with the 230 United slate, District 230 is one of Illinois' finest, and on Tuesday, voters can keep it that way by electing DAVE O'CONNOR, MIKE HARDEK, and PATRICK O'SULLIVAN.

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