Chicago Infection pours into Joliet

Chicago Infection pours into Joliet

Chicago Infection pours into Joliet

Joliet has seen a mass amount of violence and drug overdoses in recent days. Today’s count of 15 overdoses and now confirmed 5 deaths and more currently under investigation this has become an epidemic in Joliet. All while this is happening there have been 5 shootings in Joliet in recent days and more violence than anyone ever expected to see.

Nicolette Kelly, 30 of Joliet stated:

”We have lost so many over the recent violence and tainted drugs it’s saddening. “As a community, we need to take a stand for our children and their futures.''

This all comes as Joliet police and Mayor Bob O’Dekirk work diligently to get to the bottom of the continued issues. Greg Simpson, 24 of Joliet stated: “ We all have issues, but murder and or using hard drugs just is not the answer”. “Were losing friends and family out here and it needs to stop”.

Former Joliet Premier Academy Counseling Dr. Melissa Chovan Psy.D. LPC, 51 now of Eufaula, AL started

“The war on drugs is not going to work, nor has it worked. Our government needs a new plan. The United States of America literally supports the economy of a couple different countries with our drug use. Drug money is intertwined in our economy. Drug money purchases stocks in our corporations, purchases real estate holdings, and so much more. We send people to prison over drugs which ends up in drugs saturating our prisons, bringing unimaginable violence leading to suicide, extortion, and corruption. Then people get out of prison three times more traumatized than when they went in. In my unresearched opinion, the way to reduce the drug problem is to increase rehabilitation services and attack the issue from a public stance (like we did with smoking). Teach our children about drugs and teach them about healthy lifestyles. Make sure counseling is available for children and families before drugs become an issue, but that is the first thing our government cuts when budget cuts are called for.”

With enough issues arising in the community, Joliet is facing a lot of tough choices currently. Though many positive changes have been made in Joliet, there is still a lot to be fixed.

The Will County Young Republican District 12 Delegate Phil Juarez 33, of Joliet, IL

“It’s very troubling to see the string drug-related deaths in Joliet and the surrounding areas. As this seems to be a current ongoing situation, we need all come together and do what we can to stop and deter drug use. We also need to hold the city officials accountable for the rise of crime and drug use in the city. “

Joliet is now seeing the spill of the Chicago infection pouring into it and this is another telltale sign something has to be done. As the city scrambles it is a wonder as to why some of our elected officials have yet to act on this issue at all.

Will County Republican Chairman George Pearson, of Crete, IL stated:

"The Murdon 5 continue the furtherance of legalizing gateway drugs while pushing selective economic development for their cronies. Their entire failure to address the poor leadership of the City Administration and police department is ruining Joliet. The Mudron 5 only wish to enrich their own personal finances at the cost of residents’ safety and lives. Now that they have failed Joliet members are now seeking to further destroy Illinois. Apparently forcing mass out migration isn’t moving fast enough so, they will drug the residents, take away their rights to defend themselves and let the criminals wreak havoc. They all need to resign in shame."

This comes as the continuance of an ongoing battle between the Mayor of Joliet Bob O'Dekirk and the Mudron 5 continues. In April Mayor Bob O'Dekirk went to the extent of printing mailers asking residents to ask their councilmen to rethink the city manager vote as the Mudron 5 continued to play the good old boys system. The feud started after Joliet's interim city manager Marty Shanahan was let go after trying to fix the police department.

Joliet's mayor Bob O'Dekirk stated today:

" I am doing everything in my power to make Joliet safer. City Council as a whole needs to start holding people accountable for what is going on"

O'Dekirk received very little support in his efforts to keep Marty Shanahan. Since he has had an uphill battle with other elected city officials. It seems the Mayor and The Mudron 5 have a different opinion of what is good for the residents of Joliet.

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