Updated: Feb 25, 2019

Orland Park Village Trustee Carole Ruzich highlighted several of her, and the entire Village Board’s accomplishments, since she was first elected in 2011 during an interview with the South Suburban Gazette. Ruzich, who is seeking her third term, addressed her time as a trustee, “I care deeply about and am very committed to Orland Park. Having served for over 20 years as a parent, volunteer or public servant at St. Michael’s Church, Palos Hospital and the Village Board, I have always tried to make a positive impact on residents’ lives. I chose to move to Orland Park to raise my family because it provided everything a young family would want: great schools, low crime, extensive recreational opportunities and low taxes. My goal is to make sure that we attract the next generation of homeowners - millennials, while maintaining low taxes to help seniors remain in their homes.

“I have a proven track record, and am not afraid to take difficult votes without regards for politics".

During my time on the Board, I have:

  • Never voted for a tax increase

  • Supported term limits

  • Cut expenses

  • Invested in Technology to increase efficiency

I have worked collaboratively with staff and the ENTIRE Village Board to find creative solutions to budget constraints caused by the decline in “brick and mortar” retail. My legal experience in real estate and finance has been an asset in my role of Development Services Chair, as we pursue complex economic development agreements such as Von Maur and the Downtown. As a homeowner and parent, I have been a consistent supporter of improving quality of life and public safety.” It is because of these impressive accomplishments that Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau attempted to recruit Ruzich for his ticket in the April 2nd municipal elections. Mayor Pekau made no secret his preference to have Ruzich on his ticket.

“I can understand why Mayor Pekau asked me to join his ticket, I strive to work with all stakeholders, put the interests of the village and our residents first regardless of the political ramifications. I can only attribute his recent attacks on me as political,” Ruzich added.
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