Are the Mudron 5 At It Again? Investigation of Joliet Police Chief Al Roechner Publicly Announced

Updated: Oct 2, 2019

Are the Mudron 5 At It Again? Investigation of Joliet Police Chief Al Roechner Publicly Announced Late Monday.

Joliet Chief of Police Al Roechner Image from City Of Joliet Official Site

Joliet, IL - On Monday evening the Mayor of Joliet Bob O’Dekirk announced there would be a pre city council meeting hosted as there was a use of police officials in a politically aimed attack against the mayor, as well as Police Detective Joe Clement and Councilwoman Jan Quillman. O’Dekirk made it clear police Chief Al Roechner was under investigation currently.

The South Suburban Gazette quoted O’Dekirk less than 5 days ago regarding the lack of due diligence from the Chief Al Roechner regarding the recent violence and drug overdoses popping up all over the city.

It was only months ago that Sgt. Lindsey Heavener and four Joliet sergeants worked with the Mudron 5 to remove interim city manager Marty Shanahan soon after he found multiple concerning issues in the police department.

O’Dekirk quoted the following to the patch Monday evening

"I will say that I did nothing wrong in the evening in question and I'd be happy to answer any questions once this investigation is completed. I will also say from my review of what I have seen, Councilwoman Quillman, I think you've been the victim of criminal conduct and I think I may have been also. So ... it's unfortunate that this happened. I think it's an embarrassment to the entire City Council and the hard-working city staff, that this took place.But we are going to get to the bottom of this. And I look forward to the day when myself, or you councilwoman (Quillman) can speak publicly about what happened and what did not happen on the night in question."

This only leaves you to wonder if the Mudron 5 which include Pat Mudron, Don "Duck" Dickinson, Mike Turk, Sheri Reardon, and Bettye Gavin are representing their voters or if they are representing themselves and their special interest.

What began as a political spat is now seems to show more and more signs of possible corruption and misuse of powers by elected and appointed officials. As we placed the facts together Odekirk's statements thus far seem to add up accurately.

The Joliet Herald article stated the following

“Roechner then drove back to the Fiesta, picked up Heavener and another sergeant, and headed over to Silver Cross Hospital in New Lenox, the memo said. There, Heavener submitted to blood and urine tests, which showed his system was clear of drugs and alcohol, the memo said.”

Looking at the documents submitted by Heavner and Roechner to the Herald it clearly shows the test in question was not submitted in the Police Chief’s suggested time frame and by a simple google search, we found the following on blood alcohol levels.

With the math provided on page one of Google from Alcohol Rehab Guide, we can see that alcohol is reduced from your blood and body stream by 0.015 an hour. This being stated scientifically Heavner could have been at a level 0f 0.15 nearly two times the legal limit and still passed his testing at 12 am on September 15th. Thus proving nothing other than this was rushed to the paper without a proper investigation more than likely to draw attention from the real issues at hand in the city of Joliet.

Will County Young Republican Chairman Brandon Harris stated late Monday " We are a city of hard-working people who are tired of the lies and abuse of authority from the Mudron 5"

We will continue to cover this story as it breaks.


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