230 United sweep, Peckham-Dodge top vote getter in D135, LAS sweep in D140

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Orland School District 135 Board member Linda Peckham-Dodge

Voters gave several local school board members a strong mandate on Tuesday, April 2. In Orland School District 135, incumbent Linda Peckham-Dodge led the field, despite not having any endorsements from the unions or local politicians. Peckham-Dodge was followed by former D135 Board member, now returning, Dave Shalabi. Peckham-Dodge ran an extremely well organized, independent and effective campaign, while Shalabi earned the title of "the hardest working man in local politics" mounting a Herculean effort of grassroots support in the community to re-claim a seat on the D135 Board.

Political newcomer Tara Schreiber claimed the third and final spot on the D135 Board. Schreiber, who was a political unknown until her surprise candidacy in December. She did have the endorsement of Orland Park Mayor Keith Pekau, who admitted to never even meeting Schreiber in his endorsement. Incumbent Greg Okon rounded out the field. The results of the 2019 Orland School District 135 Board of Education race are as follows:

All 43 precincts reporting:

Linda Peckham-Dodge 4,708

Greg Okon 4,227

Dave Shalabi 4,416

Tara Schreiber 4,338

230 United slate Dave O'Connor, Pat O'Sullivan, and Mike Hardek

In Consolidated High School District 230, the 230 United slate swept the three open spots running on the slate's impressive record of accomplishment on the D230 Board. Incumbent Patrick O'Sullivan led the field, followed by his running mates and newly elected colleagues, Dave O'Connor and Mike Hardek. O'Connor and Hardek will be replacing D230 Board President Rick Nogal and Board member Denis Ryan who did not seek re-election.

The 230 United easily distanced their lone opponent, Jeanne Bailey. Bailey is a pediatric nurse and the spouse of a D230 employee. The results of the 2019 District 230 Board of Education race are:

All 119 precincts reporting:

Dave O'Connor 11,786

Mike Hardek 9,867

Patrick O'Sullivan 12,229

Jeanne Bailey 8,637

Kirby School District 140 Board member Chuck Augustyniak

In Kirby School District 140, the LAS for 140 slate easily cruised to victory over their rivals to claim all three seats with an incredibly organized effort. The victory is even more impressive since their opponents were well funded, supported by Orland Hills Mayor Kyle Hastings, and was receiving support from the Palos/Orland Progressives as well as D230 Board candidate Jeanne Bailey.

The results of the 2019 Kirby School District 140 Board of Education race:

All 30 precincts reporting:

John Lutz 3,235

George Kowalski 1,308

Ryan Long 1,196

Chuck Augustyniak 3,187

Rae Othman 1,087

Lisa Strand 3,219

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